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FSSC 24000 Certification – Social Management Systems

Demonstrate safe and fair working conditions, business ethics and supply chain due diligence with an FSSC 24000 audit from SGS.

In a world where human rights and ethical practices are increasingly scrutinized, it is essential for manufacturing and processing sector organizations to demonstrate their commitment to social sustainability. The FSSC 24000 social management systems scheme addresses these challenges by providing a structured approach for continuous improvement in social performance.

Our FSSC 24000 audit offers a comprehensive solution, enabling your organization to not only comply with but excel in workplace health and safety, business ethics, supply chain due diligence and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Aligned with ISO’s management system approach and Harmonized Structure

FSSC 24000 aligns with ISO’s management system standards to help structure, focus and drive continuous improvement, creating high-impact business systems. ISO’s Harmonized Structure enables easy integration with other ISO management systems like ISO 9001 (quality management), integrating the same approach to achieve social objectives.

FSSC 24000 incorporates the internationally recognized, independent PAS 24000 (specification for social management systems) standard, which includes social performance requirements. PAS 24000 and FSSC 24000 documents are free to download from the FSSC website.

Gain FSSC 24000 certification through a successful audit with SGS

Certification follows successful completion of an audit and enables you to:
  • Effectively address human rights and critical social issues
  • Implement due diligence in your supply chain management
  • Adopt a robust social management system for ongoing improvement
  • Identify and manage social risks and opportunities
  • Demonstrate compliance with the specified requirements
  • Contribute meaningfully to the UN SDGs

Why SGS?

Your qualified FSSC 24000 auditing partner

As the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, and a qualified FSSC 24000 auditing partner, we provide extensive expertise in the initiative’s requirements.  With decades of experience in management systems and social audit services, including ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 (food safety), as well as active participation in PAS 24000’s consultation process, our expertise supports you every step of the way.

We are also a founding and full member of the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA). We have a global network of more than 800 experienced APSCA-enrolled auditors in over 80 countries, available to support your FSSC 24000 needs.

Ready to achieve social sustainability and excellence?

Contact us today to discuss your FSSC 24000 audit requirements.

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A social management system is a structured framework of policies, processes and procedures that an organization uses to achieve its social objectives, ensuring fair treatment of workers, safe working environments and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The primary goal is to define clear roles and responsibilities for planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, learning and continuously progressing toward achieving social objectives.

FSSC 24000 is a management system approach that drives continuous improvement to meet social sustainability and performance requirements. This includes improving workplace health and safety and business ethics, applying due diligence in supply chains, protecting your brand, driving business impact and contributing to numerous UN SDGs.

The initiative applies to those manufacturing and processing items like consumer goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paper products, construction materials, machinery and electronics. This includes service provision across the consumer goods industry and associated supply base. Built on FSSC 22000’s (food safety) Integrity Program’s success, FSSC 24000’s trustworthiness is assured. The scheme is continuously monitored.

FSSC 24000 incorporates the PDCA cycle and risk-based thinking to help identify and control social risks and continuous improvement. This process demonstrates corporate responsibility and helps improve the social management system and performance.

FSSC 24000 audits encompass the social management system requirements of PAS 24000 and FSSC 24000’s additional criteria, focusing on achieving and maintaining social objectives.

The cycle spans three years, starting with an initial audit, followed by surveillance audits in the first and second years, and concluding with a recertification audit in the third year.

FSSC 24000 does not apply to companies involved in tobacco, fur, fuel, nuclear fuel products, and weapons and ammunition.

ISO 26000 provides guidance on social responsibility but is not auditable. FSSC 24000 is a voluntary, third-party certification scheme focused on labor relations, workplace health and safety, and business ethics.

Yes. FSSC 24000 is for auditing and certifying manufacturing and processing organizations (food and non-food), including their related service provision.

The scope applies to the economic sector/activity with the related International Accreditation Forum (IAF) Part 1, Clause 3, Table 1 codes. Both schemes are independent of each other. Certification can be obtained for one or both, as required.

Partially. FSSC 24000 and SMETA/Sedex cover different scopes, with FSSC 24000 focusing on a robust social management system based on an ISO management approach.

Auditors must be registered in the Assurance Platform through an FSSC 24000-licensed certification body and meet specific ASPCA qualifications and FSSC 24000 requirements.

Certified organizations can use the FSSC 24000 logo for marketing activities, subject to guidelines provided by their certification body.

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