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amfori BEPI Assessments

Improve your environmental performance in global supply chains with amfori BEPI services from SGS.

In today’s fast-moving global markets, organizations must address environmental challenges in their direct operations and across supply chains. At the same time, society is demanding greater transparency and accountability.

amfori BEPI was founded in 2016 to provide a comprehensive range of services that enable organizations to drive focused environmental improvements in their supply chains and to trade with purpose.

Eight environmental performance areas

The initiative covers eight environmental performance areas:

  • Environmental management systems
  • Energy and climate
  • Emissions to air
  • Water and effluents
  • Waste
  • Biodiversity
  • Chemicals
  • Nuisances

Some of these areas can help your organization align with key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A five-step approach

amfori BEPI’s five-step approach includes materiality, supply chain mapping and analysis, improvement and progress monitoring. We are an enabling partner to amfori. As an official auditing company for BEPI, we can support you with monitoring your suppliers’ progress.

The overall benefits

By taking part in amfori BEPI and becoming a member, you can:

  • Efficiently drive environmental improvements in your supply chain
  • Collaborate with industry peers to save time and resources, and reduce duplication of efforts
  • Increase your business’s resilience to industry and market changes
  • Improve your business’s reputation by meeting customer and stakeholder expectations

Why choose amfori BEPI services from SGS?

As the world’s leading certification, testing, inspection and verification company, we provide extensive experience in amfori BEPI requirements.

As a dedicated amfori partner, we can assist in monitoring your suppliers’ progress and improvements, including with the eight performance areas, to help you to make the greatest improvements and highlight your activities.

Our global network of auditors enables a quick and cost-effective response in most major manufacturing areas. We can also supply dedicated key account managers to support large-scale programs.

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