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Integrated Management Systems Audit and Certification

Streamline your operations with Integrated Management Systems (IMS) certification from SGS.

In today's complex business environment, managing multiple systems and processes can lead to inefficiencies and inconsistencies, impacting costs, risk management, compliance and performance. Our integrated management systems (IMS) certification offers a comprehensive solution, merging multiple management systems within your organization. This integration fosters a common structure, documentation and reporting system, simplifying management and enhancing efficiency. Benefit from a single, thorough audit, replacing the need for multiple assessments, saving time and reducing resource expenditure.

Why choose this service from SGS?

Integrate and simplify

Our IMS audits and certification enable you to:

  • Streamline and centralize

    Integrate management policies, processes and procedures.

  • Reduce time and cost

    Minimize the time and cost associated with audits and training.

  • Enhance operational consistency

    Improve product and service quality.

  • Achieve sustainability goals

    Ensure effective achievement of comprehensive sustainability goals.

  • Reduce risks

    Gain in-depth risk identification and management.

  • Increase collaboration

    Improve internal collaboration and sharing of best practices.

How can I start with IMS?

  1. Identify your goals, needs and contexts for integrating your management systems
  2. Gain top management support and commitment
  3. Attend SGS Academy IMS training courses
  4. Assess the common elements of all management systems and their overlaps
  5. Develop your IMS implementation plan
  6. Establish common processes to eliminate the overlaps
  7. Carry out documentation according to IMS requirements
  8. Monitor the performance and make adjustments
  9. Conduct internal audits
  10. Achieve IMS certification from SGS
  11. Regularly review the efficiency and effectiveness of your IMS for continuous improvement
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Your customized IMS

Your IMS is not restricted to the most popular ISO standards. It can combine any compatible management systems standards that share the High Level Structure (HLS), for example ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, etc. Your IMS is customized to align the specific needs of your organization or industry so you can manage them efficiently and effectively.

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Why SGS?

Your world-leading IMS certification partner

As a globally recognized and accredited certification body, we have decades of experience supporting organizations in compliance with various ISO, industry and regulatory standards. Our global network of expert auditors performs thousands of assessments each year and partners with large international organizations. As an industry leader, we provide everything you need to achieve best practice, continually improve and demonstrate that you are reliable and trustworthy.

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