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Information Security

Keeping you protected and connected with information security service solutions.

Do you have concerns about your information security systems? Would you like to be able to take a proactive approach to data management – closing the gaps, and allowing you to think beyond incident management? SGS offers solutions that improve your efficiency whilst guiding you towards compliance with internationally recognized statutory regulations.

Our services cover a wide range of certification schemes aimed at data processing and protection, cloud storage, facility security, lottery security and supporting your response to business-critical events. Whether you want to understand your own information systems better, or to take a long-term critical look at security, we add value to your business.

Investing in a partnership with SGS allows you time when you can afford it: an in-depth rethink of your systems before resources are wasted on incident-led events. And as a world-leading preferred testing, inspection and certification partner, we give you the best and most trusted expertise.

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