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Production Optimization in a Low Oil Price Environment

Join this webinar to learn how we can help you to improve your production optimization or cost reduction process to streamline delivery of oil and gas.

This webinar will showcase several case studies on how production and injection has been optimized at minimal cost and production costs have been reduced.

Production (cost) optimization is a standard part of any operator’s day to day activities. At SGS, we have considerable experience with data analytics that help to streamline opportunity identification, both in terms of optimizing production and in terms of reducing production costs. Working with the operator’s own team, in workshops and in the workplace, we address how these opportunities can be ranked, prioritized and implemented in a cost-effective manner.


  • Value Loop
  • Produce the Limit
  • Opportunity Bubble Plot
  • Other Reviews
  • Case Studies
    • Production Optimization
    • (Production) Cost Reduction

We can help you to improve your production optimization or cost reduction process to streamline delivery of oil and gas, by starting with data analytics, to simplify and standardize data analysis with quality-controlled data. We then bring people together either face to face or virtually (including people in the field), either in workshops or in the workplace.

The identified opportunities are ranked and prioritized using an Opportunity Bubble Plot, so that key opportunities “the low hanging fruit” are highlighted and action plans can be developed for operator management buy-in.


At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Production Optimization Value Loop
  • Explain how Produce the Limit Workshops deliver value
  • Explain how an Opportunity Bubble Plot can rank and prioritize opportunities
  • With case studies, identify potential opportunities for your own business


Mike Gunningham – Chief Production Technologist, Subsurface Consultancy Group, Voorburg, The Netherlands

Mike has over 30 years of worldwide experience in Well, Reservoir & Facility Management, Production Optimization and Production Technology. Mike’s technical abilities range from well integrity, sand management, completion design, nodal analysis, fracking and stimulation, water management and water flooding, as well as project management and field development planning. In his current role, Mike is also a seasoned facilitator, training instructor and trouble shooter. Furthermore, Mike has been actively teaching the Production Technology topics as well as giving coaching and mentoring.

He is currently Production Technologist, Subsurface Consultancy Group, Voorburg, The Netherlands, accountable for production technology, production optimization, (well) integrity and corrosion.

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