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Sustainable Water Management

Protect and preserve water resources and natural environments with SGS.

Freshwater availability and accessibility is unevenly distributed and a growing number of countries are faced with water scarcity challenges. Water scarcity negatively impacts economic growth and leads to unmet human and ecosystem requirements. Water audits and water stewardship initiatives provide solutions to water stressed regions.

Water stewardship programs go beyond simple calculations of operations’ water footprints, they include stakeholder engagement and commitments to a continuous reduction in water usage. Businesses that have implemented water stewardship standards have been able to showcase standout performance on water in terms of productivity, costs, security and reputation.

SGS Sustainable Water Management Services

We offer a wide range of services to help you introduce and benefit from sustainable water management.

We offer:

  • Water analysis
  • Hydrogeological studies to measure and monitor water resources
  • Water footprint calculations allowing you to disclose your footprint with confidence
  • Water audits with direct measurements (i.e. ultrasonic flow meters, open channel flow meters, tank filling)
  • Recommendations on technical and operational changes to achieve water savings with related cost benefit analysis
  • Certification against the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) standard
  • Training on the AWS standard

Why choose SGS?

With a global network of accredited laboratories and EHS specialists operating in over 100 territories, SGS is the first choice for businesses looking to implement water stewardship standards or improve their sustainable water management practices.

Contact your local SGS office for more information on sustainable water management.

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