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Air Sampling and Monitoring

Air sampling and monitoring helps protect air quality, human health and the environment.

Air pollution from transportation, power generation, industry and domestic sources can cause a variety of health problems, including cancer and respiratory and cardiac diseases. Chemicals and particles released by these activities change the composition of the ambient air, which can also affect animal and plant life. Sampling and monitoring must be undertaken to ensure the environment and human health is protected.

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SGS Air Sampling and Monitoring Services

Using state-of-the-art technology, we offer a comprehensive range of air monitoring services. These include:

  • Discontinuous ambient sampling
    • Passive sampling
    • Deposition monitoring
    • Fine particulate monitoring (PM-10, PM-2.5)
    • High volume sampling (pesticides/PCBs and dioxins/PAHs)
    • Canisters sampling
  • Continuous ambient monitoring
  • Source (stack emission) testing
    • Particulate matter (including PM-10 and PM-2.5)
    • Acid gases
    • Metals (including mercury)
    • Dioxins/furans, PCBs and PAHs
    • Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds
    • Total and speciated hydrocarbons;
    • SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, O2
    • Biogenic CO2 measurements
  • CEM calibrations
    • Relative Accuracy Test Audits (40CFR 60 and 75)
    • Quarterly and annual QA/QC audits
    • QAL 1: Choice of the qualified equipment (Automated Measuring System) and the measuring procedure
    • QAL 2: Quality assurance of the installation and calibration, including validation
    • QAL3: Ongoing quality assurance of the AMS
    • AST: Annual Quality assurance by control measurements

Why choose SGS?

With an unrivalled network of accredited laboratories and over 6,000 specialists in 65 countries, we are the world’s leading provider of environmental sampling and monitoring services. Our technicians perform sampling and monitoring services to international standards. Aligned with our data management services, you can be assured of the accuracy of our results, allowing you greater control over your samples and quality results.

Contact your local SGS office for more information on air sampling and monitoring.

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