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Remote Inspection App

Conduct remote inspections with our SGS QiiQ app.

Connect with SGS experts and inspectors using our innovative remote inspections app, SGS QiiQ.

Traditional inspections provide trust, but can be costly and time consuming, and inspectors with the right qualifications are not always available. To improve both the inspection process and interaction with customers, we have developed an innovative remote inspection app – SGS QiiQ.

Why choose QIIQ remote inspections from SGS?

Our QiiQ remote inspection app enables you to:

  • Witness inspections remotely
  • Interact with an on-site SGS inspector
  • Conduct inspections remotely as an SGS inspection expert directs you through each step
  • Record video inspections and take pictures of the inspection process  
  • Consult the full recorded inspection – complete with video and images – for assessment and auditing

Why SGS?

We provide the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection, testing, certification and advisory services, powered by the latest technology and digital tools. Our global network of digital innovation centers helps you to understand and apply the latest trends in cybersecurity, Internet of Things and eCommerce.

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