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Failure and Damage Analysis

Failure and damage analysis from SGS – identify the root causes of product failure, define responsibilities and improve future performance.

When a component or product fails, you need to identify the reason for the malfunction and prevent future occurrences. Our failure and damage analysis services identify the root causes of failures, defining responsibilities and improving future performance.

Why use failure and damage analysis services from SGS?

We offer you highly experienced staff, specialized laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment, unrivaled resources and proven expertise to help you:

  • Perform root cause analysis and define responsibilities
  • Avoid future occurrences of failures and improve performance through failure prevention
  • Gain rapid and accurate results by different methods such as physical and chemical analyses, mechanical testing, metallography and welding tests from our fully equipped testing laboratories

Trusted Failure Analysis and Failure Prevention from a World Leader

As a world leader in failure analysis and failure prevention, we are the first choice for clients in every industry across the world. Having successfully identified the causes of failure in over 1,000 investigations per year, we offer you unrivaled expertise.

Our technical experts are highly qualified engineers with PhD or Masters Degrees in mechanics, material science (metals and polymers), physics, electronics and chemistry. As a result, they offer you industrial skills, local accreditations and extensive experience in a variety of failure analysis techniques. That is why we act as advisors to the legal and insurance community and provide expert testimony in cases of civil litigation.

Our failure and damage analysis services include for example:

  • Material assessment: We can provide you with expert failure analysis of every kind of material through mechanical, physical, chemical or micro-structural investigation
  • Corrosion investigation: We can assess and mitigate your corrosion problems and find the best alloy and/or coating for your needs
  • Fractography: We can characterize the morphology of fracture surfaces in metals, polymers and ceramics, identify the reason for breakage and help you to introduce counteractions 
  • Electronics evaluation: We can determine the root causes of electronic failures in control units, sensors, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, and assembling and packaging technologies
  • Fire damage investigation: We can determine the root causes of a fire and assess the amount and type of damage, so that your equipment or structure can be put back into service safely and efficiently
  • Expert witness: We can provide engineers for expert witness testimony from the initial legal proceedings through to the trial stages. We provide on-site accident investigation, engineering analysis and evaluation of conformance to industry specifications. We can also perform reviews of other expert reports, identify the root causes of failure, provide forensic macro and micro photographic documentation and conduct industrial and consumer product failure analyses
  • Design review: We can provide a systematic, comprehensive and documented analysis of your design
  • Training: We can provide you with training sessions, seminars, and lectures to improve your employees’ skills and enhance the quality of your products

Contact us today to find out how our failure and damage analysis services can identify the root causes of failure, define responsibilities and improve future performance.

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