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Exporter Portal

Exporter Portal from SGS — minimize risks with a simplified product conformity assessment (PCA) process.

The length and complexity of the PCA process makes it susceptible to problems that can cause delays, increased costs and damage to reputations. Our Exporter Portal, a web-based app, simplifies the PCA process, reducing the risk to your business.

Chinese and USA Cargo Containers Reflecting Trade War and Restriction in Export and Import

Why choose Exporter Portal?

The Exporter Portal allows you to request a certificate of conformity, registration or license online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can then complete your application at your own pace, whether you are in a hurry or placing an order far in advance.

To prevent delays and ensure the process runs smoothly, you can:

  • Quickly upload documents, which are directly indexed to the PCA case number, for easy reference
  • Contact SGS experts directly, so they can answer your questions and clarify any issues
  • Track incoming messages from SGS agents though our status and communications module

Trusted PCA Services From a Leading Global Provider

As a leading provider of PCA services around the world, we offer our clients unrivaled expertise. By implementing the latest technology, we are making the PCA process simpler and faster.

Contact us today to learn more about Exporter Portal.

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