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Microbial Risk Assessment Services (MiRAS)

Maintain integrity of oil and gas facilities and continue safe and cost-effective production through SGS MiRAS.

Microbes form a significant operational threat to oilfield operations as they facilitate one of the most aggressive rates of localized undetectable corrosion and often facilitate souring via H2S gas generation. There are several ways of mitigating the adverse effects, but without identifying the presence of, or understanding the nature of the microbial source and level of contamination, these methods are often ineffective or superfluous.

We enable you to predict, monitor and mitigate microbial challenges with tailor-made operationally valued solutions. Our microbial risk assessment services (MiRAS) provide unprecedented insights into the microbial populations present in oilfields and associated facilities using a unique workflow for the determination of corrosion, biofouling and souring risk based on microbial analysis data interpretation.

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Benefits of SGS MiRAS

Unique and tailored technical solutions for each microbial challenge.

Whether you suspect oilfield souring, are seeing reduction in injectivity or are experiencing integrity issues, the presence of microbial populations in your oilfield system – from reservoir to storage tank – may be causing these issues. Each scenario requires a different approach and, through the application of advanced DNA analysis on both fluid or solid samples, we are fully equipped to assess these issues. From periodic microbial monitoring through to corrosion forensics and consulting, our experts have the knowledge and technology to help you protect your oilfield and its facilities.

Our MiRAS services include:

Integrated microbial studies

At SGS, we can help you to effectively mitigate the operational impact of microbes, adding value to each step of field development and long-term operations. Our microbial services identify and manage microbial related impacts by location, and to monitor changes in the population numbers and diversity. We then link these to assigned risk and aid the selection of the most appropriate and cost-effective mitigation solutions whilst driving best practices and overall systems control.

Combining innovative technology and integrated studies, we provide bespoke mitigation strategies based on state-of-the-art sampling and laboratory workflows, oilfield microbiology consultancy and independent advice.

Our microbiology and DNA sampling and analysis expertise assures that you benefit from greater accuracy in terms of characterizing sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) and archaea (SRA). We have extensive experience of performing microbial analysis via the most probable number (MPN) method, 2nd generation adenosine triphosphate (ATP) or adenosine phosphosulfate (APS). Our microbiology laboratories use special sampling kits to make the distinction between sulphate and nitrate reducing bacteria and general heterotrophic bacteria. We also carry out DNA analysis of water samples, solid samples and incubated cultures. DNA technology is used to identify and characterize the bacteria present in a sample. This analysis is done using the latest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques.

Why should you depend on SGS to perform microbial studies?

Our integrated microbial studies provide operational value and help you:
  • Understand Asset Risk and plan accordingly for Microbial Control
  • Identify the most optimal and cost-effective mitigation strategy
  • Implement managed monitoring programs and industry best practices
  • Develop, optimize and attain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Independently validate chemical biocide selection and optimal dosing program required for the Asset
  • Reduce OPEX on Chemical Biocide spend
  • Plan your field (re)development with a strategy around Microbial Control eradicating the impacts of corrosion, biofouling and H2S souring
  • Understand the risk of Reservoir Souring in new prospects during exploration
  • Design a complete monitoring program to minimize risk of unplanned production downtime

Contact us today to find out how our SGS MiRAS can help you maintain the integrity of your (oilfield) facilities, reduce asset risk and downtime, and drive enhanced operational value.

Contact us now to find out more about the Upstream Services that SGS can provide for your business.

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