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Cross-Border eInvoicing

Reduce fraud in international trade with our cross-border eInvoicing solution.

Electronic invoicing (eInvoicing) helps governments prevent tax fraud in cross-border trade. Our seamless service standardizes the invoicing process while simultaneously reducing business operating costs. It supports tax authorities in the fight against fraud through fictitious suppliers, double-invoicing or illegal modifications to invoices received.

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We support governments through digitalization of the cross-border invoicing system, backed by legislation that makes it mandatory to use cross-border eInvoicing. Our service ensures goods and services procured from abroad are correctly invoiced, the right amount of tax is paid, and external payments are fully reconciled with import declarations.

Our service is easy to use, effective and robust, allowing companies to engage fully in international trade while continuing to meet their tax requirements.

Why use cross-border eInvoicing from SGS?

Our Cross-Border eInvoicing service helps governments:

  • Prevent the issuing of fake invoices
  • Encourage compliant customs declarations and forex operations
  • Allow for full reconciliation of trade data by authorities
  • Reduce domestic tax fraud
  • Increase import duties and VAT revenue
  • Enhance compliance monitoring and continuous improvements

Businesses Benefit from:

  • Standardization of cross-border trade invoicing and customs declarations
  • Straightforward recovery of VAT paid on imports
  • Reduced uncertainty in relation to additional costs from customs/VAT audits
  • Reduced operating costs

Why SGS?

With decades of experience in operating trade verification programs, we are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. We utilize experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, backed by a global network of offices and laboratories. Our solutions incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technology to create efficient and cost-effective services that help governments increase VAT recovery and reduce tax fraud.

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