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SGS Green Mark Launches to Meet Rising Demand for Greener Products and Services

May 30, 2024

SGS is delighted to announce an extension to its portfolio of sustainability services with the official launch of the SGS Green Mark – the latest in the company’s solutions for brands, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers looking to meet the rising consumer demand for greener products and services.

Developed by SGS experts in consultation with industry leaders, the SGS Green Mark comprises seven single attribute claims, making it the most diverse environmental claim certification and verification scheme on the market.

As governments and regulators around the world look to scrutinize and tackle greenwashing, more and more companies are seeking third-party verification and certification of their environmental actions to demonstrate the validity of their materials and processes in the manufacturing and supply of a wide range of products from garments, fabrics, food service ware and plastic packaging to data cables, electronics and furniture.

Now fully piloted with companies from across the consumer product sector, the SGS Green Mark is a proven way for organizations to demonstrate the validity of the widest available range of environmental attribute claims.

Eric Wang, Global Deputy Technical Head, Softlines at SGS, said: “It is heartening to see our certification increasingly relied upon by manufacturers, brands and retailers to demonstrate the sustainability of their products and supply chains. Ultimately the SGS Green Mark enables a growing tide of environmentally conscious consumers to be better informed on the impacts of their purchases and to make greener choices.”

Recycled Content

Utilizing the SGS logo, which is recognized around the world, the SGS Green Mark demonstrates compliance with pre-defined standards relating to the following seven environmental attributes:

  • Hazardous substance assessed
  • Recycled content
  • PFAS-assessed
  • Biobased
  • PVC-free
  • Industrial compostable
  • Biodegradability

Products are independently assessed in accordance with recognized standards and a technical review is conducted by an industry specialist to confirm the product claim is scientifically justified. Once compliance has been confirmed through rigorous assessment within SGS’s global network of laboratories, a product can display the fully traceable SGS Green Mark. This contains details of the environmental claim and assessment standard(s). It also displays a QR code to give consumers access to further information that verifies the claim’s authenticity.

Keith Hutchinson, Deputy Head, Connectivity & Products Global Certification at SGS, said: “We are extremely proud to launch the SGS Green Mark, driven by customers’ needs to build consumer trust, and are already progressing plans to extend the portfolio of seven attributes.

“For consumers, the single attribute claim makes it easier to understand and to align purchases more easily with their sustainability requirements. For businesses, it simplifies the process by making it more focused while helping to minimize the risk of greenwashing.”

Charles Ly Wa Hoi, Executive Vice President, Connectivity & Products and Health & Nutrition, SGS said: “We anticipate that the SGS Green Mark, with its independent third-party assessment, will become a market-leading solution for environmentally responsible organizations around the world. As a recognized industry megatrend, sustainability remains at the heart of SGS’s vision and is expected to be a key driver to accelerate corporate growth and build even greater trust amongst clients and consumers over the coming decades.”

Customer testimonials:

Arch Textiles Manufacture Corp: “We are proud to have gained an SGS Green Mark for our innovative Magnif-ECO® recycled fiber. This signifies another step towards establishing a global reputation as a socially responsible company at the cutting edge of sustainable textile innovation.”

Samsung Display: “The SGS Green Mark (Hazardous Substance Assessed) certification of all OLED products for laptops in 2023 is a great achievement in the development of our eco-friendly technology and will provide consumers with better choices.”

Learn more about the SGS Green Mark.

For further information, please contact your local SGS representative or:

Product Certification Team – SGS Green Mark
SGS Connectivity & Products
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