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Acquisition of Seafood Testing Business from Asmecruz

Ad Hoc AnnouncementsAd hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR, AcquisitionsMar 17, 2023

SGS is pleased to announce the acquisition of the testing business and assets from ASMECRUZ, SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA GALLEGA (“Asmecruz”), a cooperative of mussels producers based in Boiro, Spain.

Founded in 2012, the Asmecruz laboratory offers a comprehensive range of microbiological and biotoxins analysis services and benefits from full authorizations for seafood testing. The laboratory is accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025, thereby further enhancing our portfolio of testing services for the Spanish food market.

Frankie Ng, CEO of SGS, said: “This acquisition is in line with our strategic focus of expanding our food services and laboratory network in Europe. This further aligns SGS with the TIC megatrend of nutrition, health and wellness, and supports our purpose of enabling a better, safer and more interconnected world. The acquisition also expands our service portfolio in Spain and will allow us to further grow into the seafood and fish market in Southern Europe.”

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