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Label Review

Food label review services from SGS reduce the risk of products being rejected for incorrect labeling.

About 40% of product rejections in the EU and America result from improper labels, with around 30% of recalls due to undeclared allergens. You can avoid these issues in two ways. Firstly, by knowing that certain allergens are used in processing the product’s ingredients; secondly, by listing them correctly on the label.

Our nutritional labeling assessments and food nutrient/health claim testing services make sure that all ingredients are listed. In addition, our expertise in food nutrition testing helps you to verify that the right components are being used in the national markets where they’re allowed. This saves you the cost, time and possible reputational damage of product recalls, while also ensuring your regulatory compliance.

We review labels for regulatory compliance – and correct language – in 84 different countries, verifying the inclusion on the label of the proper ingredients. We have affiliates that can then produce a nutritional facts panel from the analysis performed. The results of our service may lead to a change in the formulation for specific countries – or to a decision to stop shipping to those markets.

To reduce your risk of non-compliance, we can review your labels against the criteria including:

  • Allergen compliance
  • Descriptive claims compliance – health, nutrient
  • Identity statement – compliance to a country standard
  • Ingredient labeling
  • Label layout
  • Net quantity of content statement
  • Nutrition analysis and nutrition facts panel
  • Place and name of business
  • Deposit laws
  • Alcohol levels
  • Language compliance
  • Type size compliance
  • Country of origin

With offices and testing facilities around the world, SGS offers you a truly global/local food label review service that reduces your risk of labeling errors and helps ensure compliance.

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