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ISO 14064-1 Verification – Quantify and Report Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Removals

Verify your organizational carbon footprint with an ISO 14064-1 verification audit from SGS.

In a world increasingly focused on combating climate change, quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals at the organizational level has never been more crucial. Our ISO 14064-1 verification audit offers a comprehensive solution for businesses committed to environmental sustainability.

This international standard provides a robust framework for organizations to measure, manage and report their carbon footprint, aligning with global efforts to achieve net zero by 2050. ISO 14064-1 requirements cover the design, development, management, reporting and verification of an organization’s GHG inventory. It also provides a framework for quantifying and reporting carbon emission performance to support sustainable development through a low-carbon economy.

Why choose ISO 14064-1 verification from SGS?

Verification follows successful completion of an audit. The benefits include:

  • Gain a clear understanding of your organization's GHG emissions and removals

  • Enhance the integrity and accuracy of your GHG quantification

  • Develop and implement effective GHG management and reduction strategies

  • Develop and implement mitigation actions through emissions reductions or removals

  • Track and showcase progress in lowering GHG emissions

  • Participate in voluntary GHG registries and sustainability reporting initiatives

  • Engage in GHG trading markets and pursue carbon neutrality

  • Align your business practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 9 and 13

A range of complementary training services

We offer a range of complementary training services, including:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Carbon Accounting and Reporting Training Course

  • Module 2 – ISO 14064-1 and GHG Protocol Training Course (Integrated)

  • Module 3 – ISO 14064-3 Training Course (GHG Verification and Validation)

  • Modules 1-4 – Greenhouse Gases Lead Verifier Training Course

  • Preparing GHG Balance Sheets in Accordance with RED ll Training Course

Why SGS?
We provide impartial and objective verification services against the ISO 14064-1 standard. Our team of professional carbon experts ensures that your GHG statements are credible, consistent and transparent.
We follow ISO 14064-3's principles rigorously, assessing everything from emission sources to the integrity of your GHG information management system. Our verification not only attests to the accuracy of your emissions reporting but also enhances your market reputation for environmental responsibility.
Take a step toward validating your commitment to a sustainable future with SGS. Contact us today to discuss your ISO 14064-1 verification needs and embark on your journey toward effective carbon management.


Carbon footprint verification (CFV) involves collecting data on emissions from your organization's activities, products and services, and then independently verifying its accuracy. This process not only provides credibility to your carbon footprint claims but also helps you understand how to reduce and offset emissions effectively.

CFV is essential to providing credibility and reassuring stakeholders that your carbon footprint is accurate, absolute and compliant with major GHG reporting standards.

Measuring your carbon footprint enables you to:

  • Manage carbon risks and identify areas for improvement
  • Prepare for future GHG legislation
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency through lower energy consumption
  • Enhance credibility and environmental responsibility
  • Encourage employee involvement in reduction efforts

CFV standards enable you to:

  • Confirm compliance and demonstrate transparency
  • Show continuous improvement in GHG management
  • Create a competitive edge and support tender requirements
  • Save costs by identifying energy reduction opportunities
  • Manage reputational risks with reliable data
  • Enhance reputation and increase stakeholder confidence

The ISO 14064 series is GHG program neutral. If a GHG program applies, that program’s requirements are additional to those of the ISO 14064 series.

As per ISO 14064-3, our verification steps are:

  1. Verification planning: we perform a document review, strategic analysis and risk assessment, and develop an evidence-gathering and verification plan.
  2. Execute verification activities: we conduct on-site verification and assess changes to the GHG statement.
  3. Complete verification activities: we evaluate the GHG statement, conclude and draft an opinion, and prepare a verification report.
  4. Independent review.
  5. Issue the opinion.

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