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Forage and Feed Testing

Meet forage and animal feed quality requirements.

Customizable solutions for animal feed, forage and pet food ingredient testing.

Animal diets must be optimized for health, longevity and productivity, but the nutritional value of feed and forage can vary from year to year. This may result from changes in local growing conditions or even variability in crop growth within a field. Comprehensive feed and forage testing and analysis for nutritional constituents helps to maintain consistency in livestock feed standards.

We offer a range of fully accredited testing solutions for particle sizing and analyzing mycotoxins and chemical residues. Our solutions cover a wide range of pet and animal feeds, including screening for heavy metals and chemical residues and looking at microbiology and particle size. Our services can also be customized to suit your regulatory needs.

Infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and wet chemistry methods provide independent results, giving nutritionists and veterinarians crucial accurate data and allowing feed mills to formulate their finished feeds with confidence.

Our global network of experienced technicians and state-of-the-art laboratories provide fast turnaround times and high-quality results, helping you to meet nutritional and regulatory standards for your animal feed, forage and pet food.

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