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Access our innovative verification services for governments, international institutions and partners.

Infrastructure, legislation and public sector services impact us all. Whether operating at a national, regional or local level, working with SGS enables your improved performance for end users and consumers.

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Globally, we offer a comprehensive range of standalone or integrated services to help governments, institutions and administrations keep their promises to the public. Work with us to improve your services and customer experience as well as to reduce costs, timescales and backlogs.

Innovation and Compliance in Government and the Public Services

We offer a range of audits services for the sector including customs clearance with single-window, non-intrusive inspections and tracking for border control. Vehicle and driver licensing, vehicle registrations and inspections, and traffic and weighbridge management services address issues of road safety. Moving beyond government services to NGOs, we benchmark organizations, monitor and evaluate aid.

Our international network of experts have the skills and depth of knowledge to resolve complex challenges and offer a range of quality solutions.

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