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Introducing SGS PROF’s Groundbreaking New Screw Performance Testing Protocol

March 27, 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of a unique screw quality testing protocol using PeRfOrmance Factory (PROF), our revolutionary new performance and durability testing solution.

Building trust and competitive advantage in products like screws has always been difficult for manufacturers. Consumers have either never considered factors like the energy required to drill a screw or they simply make purchasing decisions based on price and brand recognition.

This is changing, and businesses and consumers are becoming more aware of factors like efficiency and energy consumption. For individuals, it might mean protecting battery strength in cordless equipment but on an automated production line it could enable considerable cost savings.

The PROF screw protocol is a trusted way to build consumer confidence in screws. It allows unbiased and accurate comparisons on a wide range of parameters, including screwing torque, braking torque, braking rate, installation time, average energy consumption per screw and screwed unit per fully loaded reference screwdriver. Manufacturers receive high-value data that is free from human or machine bias, and which empowers continuous improvements in screw design.

Image 1 shows the difference in energy consumed between two screws – grey and orange. PROF has accurately measured the time taken and energy used to drill both screws, and it is clear the orange screw takes longer and uses considerably more energy.

Image 1. Energy use comparison between two screws

line chart 5

PROF is a cutting-edge performance and durability testing solution for consumer products. Combining adaptable robotics with advanced algorithms and high-level analytics, it accurately replicates real human dynamics with unmatched consistency, repeatability and reproducibility. PROF is used to measure the human use impact on a diverse range of products, from furniture draws and suitcase zips to paint rollers and screws.

The screw protocol is just one example of the many tailored consumer product testing solutions available through PROF. Our dedicated team is constantly introducing new protocols and developing new system capabilities, while also working directly with stakeholders to create protocols that answer individual customer needs.

PROF Montage 2

“We are excited to launch the PROF platform and bring the next generation of performance testing to the market,” said Nicolas Bacheré, VP Global C&P Hardlines. “Our platform offers customers a unique and comprehensive approach to understanding the performance and durability of their products. We believe that this platform will revolutionize the way consumer products are tested and bring new levels of quality and confidence to the market.”

SGS PROF is the world’s most advanced consumer product testing solution. It offers next generation performance and durability testing and delivers high-quality insights that inspire better decisions and continuous product improvements.

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