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Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment from SGS – prove the sustainability of your products and achieve environmental quality standards.

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Sustainability is an increasingly important factor in your products. As a result, you need to provide your clients and end users with objective environmental information on your products. Our life cycle assessment (LCA) services enable you to prove the sustainability of your products and achieve national and international quality standards.

Why use life cycle assessment from SGS?

Our LCA services provide you with an independent assessment of your products, along with comprehensive consultancy on sustainability, enabling you to:

  • Achieve national and international environmental quality standards to communicate the environmental quality of your product
  • Assess all stages in the life cycle and measure their impact on the environmental quality of your product
  • Provide your clients and end users with independent environmental life cycle assessment of your products 
  • Use the results of your life cycle assessment for product innovation, production process optimization and to maximize re-use and recycling

Unrivaled experience in the provision of world-leading life cycle assessment

Our highly specialized consultants offer you over 20 years’ experience in the provision of life cycle assessment. That is why we are the first choice for developers and government organizations across the globe. Plus, we keep up to date with the latest environmental and sustainability regulations and LCA methods, so you can rest assured that your products are in-line with the latest changes.

Our LCA services include:

  • Comparison of your product to similar products on the market
  • Environmental care
  • Environmental product declaration (EPD)
  • Environmental product information (MRPI®)
  • Re-use and recycling optimization
  • Policy studies
  • Product and process innovation

Contact us today to find out how our life cycle assessment can prove the sustainability of your products and help you achieve environmental quality standards.

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