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First and Second Party Audits

First and second party audits from SGS – get increased visibility of process and product compliance from your internal and external suppliers.

Ensuring that both your organization and supply chain are complying with quality requirements and standards is complex. Low visibility of internal quality compliance, lack of resources to fulfill the internal audit plan, non-visibility of processes and low quality from your supply chain are your biggest challenges. That’s why specialized help is vital. Our first and second party audits provide you with the expert knowledge and resources you need.

Why choose first and second party audits from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Gain independent first party internal audits to determine performance within your organization
  • Conduct independent second party audits to assess the performance of your suppliers. We can provide audits on supplier sites, as requested by OEMs or other customers
  • Gain valuable input for your continuous improvement plan and supplier selection process

World-leading Internal and Supplier Audits for The Aviation Industry

As the global leader of audit service provision, we have resources on all continents with the experience and knowledge of all industries.

We are able to support you through the whole process, from strategic planning of audits and preparation to realization, gap identification and post processing. Plus, when it comes to subseries auditing, we can offer local experts with the right background and experience to support internal audits overseas. Thanks to this local expertise, we have the cultural background to understand and evaluate audit answers, so you can save travel costs and gain high-quality audit reports.

To discuss your first and second party audit requirements, contact us today.

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