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Contract Employee Solutions

Enhance your existing resourcing capabilities to fill skill gaps.

Our technical staffing service operates a number of managed services for internal and external clients within several different industries. Acting as a managed service provider means that we become part of your business and send a member (s) of our workforce to integrate with your team.

What this means:

  • SGS becomes your main supplier and recruitment business partner freeing up time for your HR department
  • We manage the transition with your current suppliers and renegotiate their general terms and conditions
  • Minimize skill shortages by planning your needs, identifying the resources and utilizing in house and external resources as required
  • We advertise, source, recruit, interview, coordinate, conduct market research and support throughout the offer process and with your ongoing requirement
  • We are the central point of contact for your hiring needs

Why choose managed service recruitment from SGS?

By acting as a central point of contract for all your hiring needs, we ensure continuous and consistent refinement of processes and measurable results, thereby improving recruitment capability within your organization.

Contact SGS today for more information on our managed service recruitment.

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