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Clinical Development Expertise

Use best practice to build a company strategy compliant Early Clinical Development Plan (CDP). Our comprehensive consultancy solutions assist in the planning and implementation of early clinical trials.

An effective CDP can make the difference between success and failure during the early stages of a drug’s development.

We provide comprehensive consultancy solutions covering a wide range of tasks relating to the CDP.

Our experts:

  • Analyze existing data and information
  • Understand company strategies and marked requirements
  • Develop and justify goals for each clinical development (CD) step/trial
  • Develop planned early clinical trial design/outlines
  • Provide preliminary assessments of feasibility, cost and time effectiveness of CD steps/trials
  • Analyze scientific background and the regulatory environment covered in the CDP

We cover multiple therapeutic areas, enabling disciplines to work effectively in combination and allowing you to successfully negotiate hurdles in the development process of the CDP.

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in early phase clinical trials. Whatever your drug development program, our multidisciplinary team supports you in developing the right CDP for your project.

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