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The Importance of the Customized Assessment Tracking System (CATS)

Quality InsightsJanuary 20, 2023

Once second-party assessments are completed, having a system to track, analyze and manage the reports and findings in real-time is vital.

Defining second and third party

Second-party assessments are conducted by parties with an interest in the organization, such as customers or other people on their behalf.

Third-party assessments are conducted by independent auditing organizations, such as regulators or certification companies.

Helping you to become the benchmark

We have performed second-party assessments for over half a century. Our portfolio includes social, quality, environmental and security assessments and covers many sectors, from food and fast-moving consumer goods to retail and factories. We also continue to develop new solutions to meet your needs.

We perform thousands of assessments each year and confidently partner with large international organizations. We can provide you with the necessary tools to mitigate risks throughout your supply chain.

Introducing CATS

Once the assessments are completed, having a system to track, analyze and manage the reports and findings in real-time is vital. CATS is a global, second-party assessment data management tool based on about two decades of tested technology.

Its flexibility can facilitate real-time data analysis to meet individual program specifications.

Simplicity in action

CATS can interpret and simplify complex data analytics. It can provide visibility and transparency while allowing true performance assessment and continuous improvement.

Centralized assessment monitoring

Stakeholders gain added value from our assessment services, relying on our quality, expertise and professional judgment to support their decision-making.

Our digital tool for assessments has innovative operation models to address modern challenges. We deliver consistent and excellent service worldwide through our quality, transparency and integrity, no matter the assessment tools or IT.

One tool – multiple advantages


  • Customizable to the client’s reporting needs
  • A multilingual system
  • Mobile application available
  • Unlimited user accounts


  • Suppliers can see the information, especially when they might have multiple sites
  • Reporting at a click of the mouse
  • All information at your fingertips
  • Effective dashboards and filters


  • Get started easily through a web browser
  • Outstanding task reminders
  • Interfaces for importing/exporting

Simple workflow

  • A well-organized database
  • Clear schedule, tasks and responsibility
  • Effective reminder features


  • Save time and effort
  • Standardized work steps
  • Prebuilt contents


  • A central cloud database
  • Never again redundancy
  • Robust data security

Our digital capabilities and online process

Assessment scheduling, execution and remediation

CATS offers a complete assessment scheduling, execution and remediation process, delivered and managed online.

With unlimited user accounts based on defined access rights, we can better serve clients’ internal structures.

Innovation in real-time

Our innovative technology provides real-time scheduling, interactive audit data reporting, analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as audits technical review and Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) plan management.

This gives you a holistic picture of assessment results and progress, improves internal communications and allows you to include KPIs in external presentations/reports within your organization.

Top features

  • Easy set-up and highly customizable
  • Global coverage
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Heat maps to easily find suppliers by country, region or performance
  • Review and download full audit reports
  • Download data in different formats, including graphs, bubble charts and top five NCs
  • 40+ languages supported, and our local staff can work with your suppliers in their local language and time zones
  • Various types of data analysis in one dashboard
  • Simple workflow process
  • SGS has done the work for you, so you can simply turn the data into easily reportable, value-added information

Core functions

  • Assessment status tracking
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Nonconformity analysis
  • Technical review process
  • CAPA management

An end-to-end online assessment process

From scheduling, reporting and management to program analytics and data security, our online assessment process also broadly falls into two categories – features and functions.

Features – scheduling 

After you send us the request, you can see the assessment scheduling process in real-time.

Features – reporting

After the assessment is completed, you can see its report online and program data analytics.

Features – program analytics

You will gain a holistic and meaningful understanding of the program data.

The system allows you to prioritize your efforts towards improvement and benchmarking your suppliers.

Functions – auditing schedule

You can see the assessment’s scheduling status in a calendar or log view, with intuitive color-coded statuses.

Functions – CAPA management

Client and audit locations will be visible to progress toward correcting and preventing nonconformities raised in the initial assessment.

Information is centralized on a per-assessment basis, allowing all parties to record their evidence toward continuous improvement.

Functions – data security

Your data is stored within our third-party, high-security data center.

CATS’ online audit process

Project setup → Upload factory locations → Self-assessment (factories can be screened) → Audit calendar → Audit report completion (Audit report can be prepared via mobile app) → Technical review → Report submission (You can be notified on the due date for report submission/when report is submitted) → CAPA management (You can be notified on the due date for CAPA submission/when CAPA is closed) → Back to… Audit report completion.

The assessment schedule

The system can mass upload facility information and adds/modifies details of existing ones at any point. It can set assessment scheduling, delivery and completion timelines and monitor KPIs.

CATS allows us to provide you with accurate and cost-effective auditors based on:

  • Auditor availability, qualifications and performance history
  • Auditor distance to the site, using smart match technology and interactive mapping
  • Auditor type requirements, such as full- or part-time, or subcontractors

Audit status tracking

Project status can be easily tracked. CATS’ color-coded system clearly marks levels of completion, from assessment under schedule to assessment completed and report submitted.

Interactive and efficient CAPA management

CATS provides an interactive and efficient CAPA management solution. Each assessment’s nonconformities are listed and CATS alerts the predefined people in real-time.

Full transparency and accountability for all

Facilities can submit evidence directly to the platform for review, providing full transparency and visibility to all parties.

Every interaction between the facilities and our Program Management team is recorded centrally and in a secure cloud, driving accountability for all parties. The client can manage this process if they wish.

By implementing CATS, you can see the status of outstanding CAPAs in real-time to identify assessments that are past being due and prioritize action.

Key features

  • Full transparency and visibility of assessment and CAPA management status
  • Direct uploading of evidence that feeds the technical review and CAPA management process
  • Direct site access to upload and monitor CAPA management availability
  • Two-way communication or more, depending on requirements, such as auditor and assessment site, and brand owner and supplier

Unparalleled data security

CATS provides the best data and information security. As an access-managed system, you can manage data access and permissions through user roles or at individual user level.

Secure and robust security

All client information is stored within our third-party data center, in Amazon Web Services.

To ensure the highest security, we regularly conduct vulnerability and penetration tests with an independent security firm.

Full data backup, consisting of daily incremental backups, is one of our key security measures.

Security system features and cloud-based details

  • Access management with username and password
  • Robust data center
  • Data is protected with SSL encryption when transferring it over public networks
  • Data is protected with database access controls when it is at rest on hosted servers
  • Regular network/application vulnerability and penetration tests
  • Daily incremental backup
  • Weekly full system backup
  • Backup stored in mirrored off-site facilities

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