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SGS QiiQ Remote Inspections

SGS QiiQ remote inspections – connect with SGS experts and inspectors using our innovative app.

Quality control is integral to business success. Unknown issues can negatively impact your project and your bottom line. Traditional inspections provide trust, but they can be costly and time consuming, and inspectors with the right qualifications are not always available. To improve both the inspection process and interaction with customers, we have developed an innovative remote inspection app – SGS QiiQ.

Why chose QiiQ remote inspections from SGS?

Our QiiQ remote inspection app will allow you to:

  • Witness inspections remotely, while interacting with an on-site SGS inspector
  • Conduct inspections remotely – an SGS inspection expert will direct you through each step, while asking you questions and checking documentation
  • Record video inspections and take pictures of the inspection process (such as manufacturing process, tests, product, packaging, marking, etc.)
  • Consult the full recorded inspection – complete with video and images – for assessment and auditing

How It Works

SGS QiiQ can be installed on any mobile device (tablet, mobile phone or smart glasses). To operate, all you need is internet connectivity, Wi-Fi or 3/4G, so the two parties can interact seamlessly and effortlessly. The app can record and share audio and video streams and enables the real-time exchange of images and documents.

Trusted Remote Inspections From a World Leader

As a world-leading provider of inspection services, with unrivaled experience in conducting inspections across all sectors, we are now making our expertise available remotely, using the latest technology.

To find out more about our QiiQ remote inspection services, contact us today.

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