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Industrial Hygiene Testing

Industrial hygiene testing and monitoring includes sample collection and analysis to improve air quality and reduce the risk of airborne illness transmission.

The field of industrial hygiene is based upon validated scientific methodology. Not managing industrial hygiene exposure can result in occupational related illness, impaired health and well-being, and can create significant discomfort among workers and local populations. Improving industrial hygiene and air quality will enhance resource use and protect reputations.

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring from SGS

We provide a comprehensive range of sample collection, analysis services and equipment rental.

We are experienced and accredited to perform industrial hygiene monitoring worldwide, our specialists have the know-how to help organizations choose the correct sampling and analytical approach to best evaluate industrial hygiene risk. 

Our many strategically located industrial hygiene laboratories have decades of experience and are accredited both locally and globally. Using current technologies, we develop or use accepted methodology for analysis.

We provide a wide range of industrial hygiene testing parameters which can be provided on request.

All our industrial hygiene laboratories offer testing which complies with ISO 17025 accreditation principles or local/regional accreditations, such as American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA accredited laboratories).

Why choose SGS?

SGS is the world leader in industrial hygiene sampling and analysis. Globally, we offer a wide range of services to the industrial sector and can help businesses develop effective and efficient processes; ensuring stakeholders remain healthy and their corporate image is protected.

For more information on industrial hygiene services, contact your local SGS office.

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