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Aerospace Supply Chain Services

Supply chain services from SGS – a range of aviation supply chain and expediting services to improve your suppliers’ processes, product quality and delivery times.

A non-reliable supply chain has a direct impact on your aviation operations, with parts not delivered to the agreed quality or time. Our supply chain services can help you address these issues and achieve shorter lead times, improved performance, quality and delivery.

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Why choose supply chain services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Track and enforce contractually agreed production specifications and quality
  • Secure timely delivery of procured parts
  • Eliminate waste and create value added procedures to make your suppliers more reliable
  • Reduce risk and supply chain disruption

The World-leading Expertise You Need to Improve Your Supply Chain

As a leading provider of services to the aviation industry, we offer unrivaled experience in the provision of audits, assessments and supply chain management to the aeronautical field. We work extensively for and with aircraft manufacturers and first-tier suppliers. As a result, we understand the complex requirements, tools and state-of-the-art processes used by the leading aeronautic suppliers, as agreed by national and international authorities and OEMs.

Our supply chain services include:

  • A first assessment of your supplier
  • Gap analysis and an in-depth view into sub processes, such as configuration management, change management and more
  • An action agreement with clear target dates for adaptation
  • Compliance to international or customer standards
  • Witness of tests during the development or production phase of your procured parts

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