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Symposium on Clinical Studies

  • Location

    Casablanca, Morocco

  • Start

    May 09, 2023

    9:00 AM

  • End

    May 09, 2023

    6:00 PM

  • Time Zone

    Amman (+02:00)

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Network and hear from our key experts in North Africa and Morocco as they dive into the capabilities of SGS’s health science services for the pharmaceutical industry.

SGS in Morocco and the Moroccan Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Innovation (FMIIP) are hosting this upcoming symposium focusing on clinical studies for the Moroccan pharmaceutical industry. Join us for an exclusive Science Day, attended by local and international experts, who will discuss clinical studies and the development of biopharmaceutical products. The symposium will take place on May 9, at the prestigious Hotel du Sofitel Tour Blanche in Casablanca.


  • 8:30 am: Welcome
  • 9:00 am: Opening speech, Dr. Aziz Mrabti, DMP, Ministry of Health
  • 9:10 am: Speech and welcome, Dr. Mohamed El Bouhmadi, President of FMIIP
  • 9:20 am: Welcome, Dr. Gary Chambers, VP, SGS Life Sciences
  • 9:30 am: Session 1: Clinical studies: needs and challenges to be met

Speaker 1: Prof. Redouane Abouqal, Faculty of Medicine (30 min)

  • Clinical studies in Morocco: regulations, practices, scope and stakeholders
  • Challenges to overcome

Speaker 2: CNDP (20 min)

  • Ethical approval process and the protection of patients' rights in Morocco
  • CNDP capacities and progress toward improving practices and procedures

Speaker 3: Dr. Walid Elbast (30 min)

  • Technical capacities and resources needed to support the development of biopharmaceutical products and their associated clinical studies
    • Required skills, training
    • Laboratories, equipment, norms and standards, and qualifications
    • Bioanalytical tests and costs
  • 10:50 am: Coffee break
  • 11:20 am: Session 2: Development of biopharmaceutical products

Speaker 1: Dr. Luc-Alain Savoy (30 min)

  • Development of biosimilars in Morocco: myth or reality?
  • Challenges facing the industry (regulation, know-how and costs)
  • Creative approaches to explore – expertise and resources required

Speaker 2: Dr. Stephane Logassi (30 min)

  • Technical capacities to support drug development
  • Scope of required expertise and technical qualifications
  • Laboratories, equipment, norms and standards, and accreditations
  • Analytical tests and costs

Speaker 3: Dr. Gary Chambers (20 min)

  • Trends in the pharmaceutical industry (future of biologics)
    • SGS’s vision for supporting the development of medicines in Morocco and Africa
    • Contributions to the fight against falsified medicines in sub-Saharan Africa
    • Morocco as the scientific hub for SGS's activities in the field of health in Africa
  • 12:40 pm: Open debate (Moderator: Dr. Karim Smine)
  • 1:00 pm: Summary and closing
  • 1:30 pm: Lunch

For further information, please contact:

Jihane Boumehdi
Marketing & Special Projects Manager
t: + 212 522 307 491

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