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SGS Eezytrace

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Transform food safety management in the food retail and service industry.

Maintaining food safety standards can be challenging. Issues can arise at any stage of food receipt, storage, preparation and service. While great progress has been made in understanding foodborne illnesses, food safety and hygiene practices, food retail and service establishments continue to experience outbreaks caused by unsafe food handling behaviors. They must ensure that hygiene and food safety risks are completely understood by staff and that food is handled flawlessly at every stage.

SGS Eezytrace offers a path forward

  • Key influences on the size and severity of foodborne outbreaks include:
    • Complexity of food preparation operations
    • Routine application of restaurant food safety policies
    • Availability of food safety training
  • SGS Eezytrace helps food retail and service organizations drive food safety excellence by:
    • Reducing the complexity of daily operations
    • Ensuring consistency when implementing, monitoring and enforcing food safety practices
    • Ensuring an in-depth understanding of food safety risks

We centralize and standardize the entire set of data and information used to monitor food safety risks. We can then exploit our data through the Eezytrace scoring and risk detection algorithm. Our objective is to prioritize coaching effort and audit resources towards those operating sites that are lagging below our standards.

Eric Thielemans, Head of Catering Operation Performance – ISS A/S

The key benefits of SGS Eezytrace

  • Increases operational efficiency by reducing complexity for staff
  • Drives continuous improvement using SGS's global network of experts
  • Increases inspection efficiency
  • Enables focused risk assessment, targeted remediation and resource optimization
  • Provides powerful data-based insights, pertinent indicators of daily practices
  • Allows clients to demonstrate commitment to sustainability
  • Enables risk anticipation by detecting sub-standard practices across sites
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Advanced technology and deep industry expertise

SGS Eezytrace combines digital technology with deep industry expertise, offering an integrated approach to food safety management.

Automate all control activities on site - thereby reducing the complexity of, and time needed for, numerous tasks. The tool simplifies daily operations for staff, saving them time to focus on safety-critical activities and improving the food safety culture.

Track the consistency of food safety practices and behaviors in daily operations. The scoring algorithm allows for detection of sites lagging below standards, anticipation of negative trends, and prioritization of resources.

Provides customized guidance for resource optimization, focused risk assessment, targeted remediation, training and coaching.

Multi Sites

Powerful dashboards for intuitive control and streamlined workflows

Digitalize, automate and monitor all on-site control activities.

Exploit data and advanced analytics to benchmark performance across sites, anticipate negative trends and prioritize site-specific remediation plans.

Frequently asked questions

SGS Eezytrace uniquely combines the power of Eezytrace's digital and data analytics platform with the robustness of SGS's expert services.

The digital platform automates all control activities on site, reducing the complexity of multiple tasks. The advanced analytics engine tracks the consistency of food safety practices and behaviors in daily operations, detecting sites that are lagging below standards.

SGS experts can then also offer customized guidance to convert Eezytrace-generated scores into actionable plans.

There are three core differentiators:

  1. Eezytrace demonstrated concrete improvement for organizations, reported by adopters
  2. Eezytrace is a digital platform and an advanced analytics engine, combined with a wealth of support from SGS
  3. The price offers great value for customers. The Expert package includes license fees, free-to-use hours of expert guidance, and a rebate on all SGS services

Yes, SGS Eezytrace can be deployed for projects of any scale.

Access to the multi-site dashboards is unlimited for quality managers; pricing is based on the number of tablets.

It includes application and tablet setup, plus in-depth user training. 
Learn how SGS Eezytrace helps drive food safety excellence

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