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Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK)

Field-based sampling services, compositional analyses and production chemistry.

The SGS Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) provides field-based sampling services, compositional analyses and production chemistry, utilizing high-quality methods and instruments.

Our RDK kit provides advanced analytical equipment mobilized to your worksite. Designed to be shipped and set up at the location of your choice, the SGS RDK fits into special purpose transport crates, so it can be transported to any destination. This portable equipment is effortlessly installed, either onshore or offshore, giving you analytical flexibility and rapid testing turnaround times with all the reliability of fixed laboratory services.

Why choose the SGS RDK solution?

The SGS RDK rapid deployment kit enables you to gain a thorough understanding of your fluid properties through a series of analytical procedures conducted at the site of your well.

Our certified technicians accompany the kit to your location. They set up the kit and measure the critical data needed to assess the potential and the underlying factors required to carry out a successful exploration and production program – even in the world’s most remote locations.

Our wide range of tests includes field sampling, compositional analyses and production chemistry.

Field Sampling Services

Our field sampling includes:

  • Conventional subsurface sampling
  • Equilibrium separator sampling
  • Wellhead and pipeline sampling

Compositional Analyses

We offer compositional analyses, such as:

  • Gas/oil ratio (GOR), condensate/gas ratio (CGR) and gas/water ratio (GWR) measurements
  • Live sample composition and density
  • Inert and acid gas content (CO2, H2S, etc.)
  • Shrinkage tests
  • Extended gas compositions by Gas Chromatography (GC)
  • Oil compositions to C36+ by GC

Production Chemistry

Our production chemistry includes:

  • Basic sediment and water (BS&W) by the ASTM centrifuge method
  • Karl Fisher water content in oil or gas
  • Oil molecular weight by precision cryette
  • Density, viscosity and rheology
  • Crude salinity
  • Brine basic properties – pH, conductivity, total dissolved solid (TDS)
  • Brine preservation kit
  • Sulfate reducing bacteria in water
  • Hygrometer/dewscope gas dewpoints
  • Length of stain measurements (Drager)
  • Mercaptans and trace sulfurs by Gas Chromatography-Flame Photometric Detector (GC-FPD)
  • Mercury in gases or liquids
  • Sand content in produced fluids
  • H2S in gas, oil and/or brine
  • Metals in gas phase
  • Arsenic in gas phase

Why SGS?

Our world-leading onsite testing capabilities provide you with high-quality data without the inevitable costs and delays associated with the transportation of hazardous materials. Whatever your project, RDK provides an effective field-based solution for quality sampling, compositional analysis and production chemistry testing.

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