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Global Asbestos Management

Set your own standards regarding asbestos compliance to ensure the safety of your employees worldwide.

Despite the environmental and health risks of asbestos, it is still widely present in the natural and built environment. Internationally, laws and regulations around working with asbestos vary considerably, and companies’ asbestos-related documentation is often missing, incomplete, or in different/incompatible formats. This causes issues of worker safety and legislative compliance.

Minimize Risks

At SGS, we recognize the solution, that is help you to set your own standards to achieve clarity and uniformity within your organization, and to ensure the safety of your employees worldwide. Not only will this minimize the risk of damage to your brand, it will also demonstrate your proactive approach to safety.

Benefits of SGS Asbestos Services

We can support you in any asbestos issue: at strategic, tactical, as well as operational levels. For instance, our experts have the knowledge and experience to:

  • Support development of an asbestos standard and its global implementation
  • Manage laws and regulations in all relevant countries in a central database
  • Advise and train staff who work with asbestos-containing materials
  • Investigate the presence of asbestos in buildings, equipment or soil and determine the associated risks

Why choose SGS?

We have a team of dedicated experts who will be pleased to give you advice on your asbestos related issue, or to inform you about the asbestos laws and regulations that apply to your country. We have:

  • A global network of offices and laboratories
  • Decades of experience in asbestos research, risk inventories and related standards e.g. ISO, NEN
  • Experience in working within the most stringent asbestos legislation in the world
  • Up to date about the asbestos laws and regulations that apply to your country
  • The latest techniques for the sampling and testing asbestos samples
  • An asbestos related emergency response service, available 24/7

For more information, please contact your local SGS office.

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