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Footwear and Leather Defect Analysis

Footwear and leather defect analysis from SGS identifies issues enabling corrective actions to be implemented and reducing the future risk.

Supply chains in the footwear and leather sector are complex. The potential for problems and defects to arise is high, and they can lead to product complaints and rejection. Whether defects are of a performance, aesthetic or safety nature, they can result in significant expense to your business, through lost sales or product returns.

In-depth knowledge of how individual components are manufactured and assembled to produce the final footwear or leather product, supported by expert analysis, allows defects to be analyzed and addressed. Supported by a global network of analytical laboratories, our footwear and leather goods experts are experienced in identifying the root cause of the problems that arise in the supply chain. Once identified, we can advise you on appropriate corrective actions to reduce or eliminate the risk of the same problems arising in future.

Defect Analysis

As with any defect analysis, multiple steps may be necessary to identify the root cause. However, the first stage is a review of the product and the provision of an estimate before work commences.

We focus on offering you the best value by balancing the cost of analysis with the cost of the assessment. We begin by assessing the most likely causes first, and then working through potential issues until the defect is identified. At each step we provide regular feedback, along with an update on cost so the project remains transparent.

Meet the challenges of the global leather supply chain with SGS. Contact your local office for more information.

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