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EFfCI GMP Certification Scheme

Ensure that your cosmetic and personal care ingredients meet the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients’ (EFfCI) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guide.

The importance of protecting and enhancing cosmetic product safety and quality cannot be overstated. Whether synthetic or natural, your cosmetic and personal care ingredients must meet the EFfCI GMP guide. Established in 2000, EFfCI brings together European manufacturers of synthetic or natural ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry. EFfCI defines and advocates the collective interests of over 100 European member companies.

EFfCI’s GMP guide helps its members and others within the cosmetics and personal care industry to ensure the highest quality and safety standards for cosmetic product ingredients and manufacturing processes.

As a long-term, EFfCI-accredited partner, we can provide EffCI GMP audits and certify member compliance with the EFfCI GMP guide.

Why choose from EFfCI GMP certification SGS?

EFfCI GMP certification enables you to operate to a standard that:

  • Addresses risks and controls specific to cosmetic ingredients and their markets with relevant requirements
  • Adds to ISO 9001, so requires little change to the QMS being scalable to all suppliers and manufacturing processes
  • Is widely accepted by cosmetic manufacturers
  • Ensures consistent auditor interpretations

Trusted EFfCI certification services from an EFfCI-accredited partner

As the world’s leading certification, testing, verification and inspection company, we provide in-depth expertise in EFfCI GMP requirements. 

With years of experience in the area, we can help you to navigate EFfCI's regulations for GMP, preservatives, toxicology, regulatory affairs, product safety and international regulations, and other aspects.

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