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Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) Responsible Sourcing Certification

Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) responsible sourcing certification from SGS – demonstrate your commitment to social and environmental sustainability when sourcing materials for the manufacture of concrete and cement.

Concrete is the most widely used manmade material on the planet. 70% of the world’s population lives in concrete structures, and cement production accounts for 5% of the world’s CO2 emissions from manmade sources. The widespread use of concrete, combined with increasing concerns about social and environmental responsibility, has made it increasingly important for manufacturers to demonstrate that their products are responsibly sourced and produced.

To help manufacturers comply with industry and consumer demands for responsibly sourced products, the CSC has launched a worldwide certification system for the responsible sourcing of developed concrete. This certification system is designed to help concrete, cement and aggregate companies obtain insight into the level at which a company operates in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way. It covers raw materials and their source or provenance, manufacture and a range of economic, social and environmental impacts.

As a founding member of the CSC, SGS provides CSC responsible sourcing certification. We offer certification to bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels.

Why choose CSC responsible sourcing certification from SGS?

CSC responsible sourcing certification demonstrates that an organization operates in an environmentally conscious, sustainable and responsible manner when sourcing concrete and cement materials. It is credible, independent evidence of sustainable sourcing practices that you can share with customers, stakeholders and shareholders.

Certification enhances your brand’s reputation and gives you a competitive advantage. It assures customers and investors that you meet their demands for sustainable and responsible practice and helps you to meet societal expectations for responsible ethical, environmental and social performance within the supply chain. Being certified will enable your business to benefit from green government procurement policies and building rating systems.

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We have extensive experience working with the concrete and cement industry, with particular expertise in environmental and social sustainability.

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