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Clearance to Supply

SGS eVision – a digital gateway to product specification and compliance management.

The ability to access information quickly and easily, in real-time, is essential for effective product management. SGS eVision lets you capture all the technical and legal information related to a product. This online tool allows you to access real time information in an intuitive, yet secure manner, so you can ensure that your products meets relevant industry regulations and your own quality standards.

Why choose SGS eVision?

ISO 17025 accredited, SGS eVision is a modular software solution that can be used to monitor product-related information. It is:

  • Instant – information is captured in real time
  • Secure – software conforms to ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System standards and can safely handle confidential customer data
  • Searchable – intuitive keyword searching enables you to perform quick and comprehensive searches
  • Interactive – the ability to link with other business management systems allows for more efficient operations
  • Flexible – meet your specific requirements with a tailored, comprehensive reporting tool and the ability to access software on all devices

System modules include eSpec, Policy and Audit, Inspections and Benchmarking:

  • SGS eSpec is an information portal for managing product specification data, providing a ‘clearance to supply’ business process for retailers and manufacturers. This web based solution allows you to input and approve product specifications, which can vary by product type, so you can ensure that they are legal and compliant with brand guidelines and corporate responsibility.

    A central repository of all product information, including specifications, pack copy, artwork approval documents and supporting certification, is fully searchable by keyword. For example, you can search by ingredient or country of origin. Detailed reports, invaluable in a crisis, can be created from searches and can be used as the basis for achieving brand consistency.

    We will provide bespoke templates based on your requirements. With a flexible, dynamic environment, eSpec can adapt to your needs as they change.

  • SGS Policy and Audit: SGS Policy manages interactive policy documents that define how your suppliers should demonstrate compliance with legislative requirements and your technical requirements. It can be used to highlight keywords that could be reviewed in an audit. Policies can be linked to sections within the product specification, so suppliers can review relevant policy information when inputting their specifications.

    All policies benefit from version control as well as features such as policy change alerts for suppliers and tracked policy reading.

    SGS Audit allows you to measure performance against policy, and extracts requirements from policy, enabling suppliers to self-audit. SGS Audit includes a grading system, non-conformance handling and a sign off section. All pending and future audits can be stored, searched, evaluated and printed.

  • SGS Inspections eVision provides a robust, scalable and secure business process application to underpin your global inspections program. It provides a single view to commission, track and report on status for a range of inspections for manufactured food, produce or seafood. User profiles display the relevant information and functionality to speed up the inspections process.

    We can provide bespoke templates for individual requirements.

  • SGS Benchmarking provides a digital solution for brand comparison. The retailer will identify a product and competitor offering; SGS will shop, remove any brand identification, package and send to the nominated consumer testing panel. The process is tracked and reported, with dashboards to display who/what/where and when.
  • Innovative Software from a Leading Provider of Auditing and Verification Services

    We know how important it is to keep up to date with the latest information related to your products and brand. Our innovative services help ensure that you comply with regulations and meet customer demands.

    Contact us today to find out more about SGS eVision.

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