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Cased Hole Services

A comprehensive range of wireline and slickline services.

Cased hole solutions from SGS provide you with a comprehensive range of wireline and slickline services.

Our cost-effective cased hole services include:

  • Well integrity and corrosion logging
  • Production logging
  • Mechanical intervention
  • Logging in real time or memory and perforating services with explosives and non-explosive devices

Wireline Services

We help you to monitor and evaluate reservoirs and well integrity. Our wireline, real time portfolio is focused on well cased hole logging solutions, perforating, pipe recovering and mechanics services. Our logging technologies include:

  • Production logging with array multisensory tools
  • Multi barrier corrosion tools and calipers
  • Leak detector tools
  • Cement evaluation technologies
  • Downhole video
  • Pulse neutron tools

Slickline Services

We offer a variety of well intervention services and measurements that are essential during the well life cycle. SGS slickline services include:

  • Control subsurface valves
  • Opening or isolation of production zones
  • Replacement of gas lift valves
  • Fishing jobs
  • Memory logging services

Why SGS?

We provide the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection, testing, certification and advisory services. We provide the latest technology and digital tools, available with the best technical support, interpretation and data analysis, and excellent operational and safety standards.

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