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As a facilities or production manager, you will often face potential environmental risks, obligations or liabilities.

Your site will be required to meet local or international regulatory compliance and you could be dealing with a diverse range of areas – from soil protection to energy efficiency.

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To keep up with latest regulatory developments and environmental and sustainability standards, you need a strong partner with the experience to ensure that you are fulfilling all your obligations – from the commissioning stages to decommissioning or demolition.

SGS is a global company with the experience and knowledge to support you across the lifecycle of your operations. We can offer you advice on infrastructure and building services. Our facilities and production services can also help you to examine and assess product packaging and waste and recycling solutions to improve your business operations and show a commitment to sustainable practices that reduce your environmental impact.

Our pool of experts will make sure you are compliant with the latest regulations and are taking responsibility for a clear environmental legacy. Call us today to find out more about how our facilities and production services can help you.

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