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Regulatory Change Management in 2024

Join our live webinar to gain insight into the evolution of regulatory change management, how technology is revolutionizing the process and much more.


Staying abreast of relentless regulatory changes in the food industry is a daunting task for companies and compliance professionals. Effective regulatory change management is vital, involving advanced alerts and informed decision-making to align with evolving business strategies and investments. In this webinar, discover how leading companies are navigating these challenges and how technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), is revolutionizing this process.


Explore the evolving landscape of regulatory change management in our upcoming webinar. We aim to delve into key aspects such as targeted communication, visibility of regulatory changes and the cruciality of early warnings for business preparedness. The focus will be on the integration of AI in this context. We will discuss the dual nature of AI; its immense benefits in optimizing processes against the challenges it poses in terms of transparency, autonomy, data quality assurance and data security.

Discussion points

Rapid adaptation to regulatory changes:

  • Highlight the significance of stakeholder management and targeted communication
  • Explore methods for leveraging regulatory changes for commercial benefits
  • Emphasize the importance of early alerts on regulatory shifts for better business strategy and investment planning

Data protection and privacy in the AI era:

  • Discuss strategies for utilizing AI while upholding data privacy and protection
  • Address challenges in managing access to both public and private databases and strategies for protecting proprietary information

Ensuring data security in AI platforms:

  • Focus on the security aspects of AI platforms
  • Explain the measures implemented to safeguard AI tools from hacking and unauthorized access


  • Evolution of regulatory change management: trace the transformation in this field, emphasizing recent shifts
  • AI’s role in modern regulatory change management: deep dive into how AI is reshaping food safety regulatory practices
  • Strategies for adapting to regulatory shifts: present practical approaches and insights for attendees
  • Conclusion and future outlook: summarize key takeaways and glance into future trends
  • Q&A session: open floor for attendee questions and interactive discussion


Nicola Colombo

Nicola Colombo

Global Head, SGS Digicomply
Jayne Hipkiss

Jayne Hipkiss

Regulatory Change Management Consultant, Siskin House Ltd

Target audience

The webinar is aimed at all food regulatory compliance experts, brand and product owners managing regulatory compliance projects and anyone interested in learning more about regulatory change management.

Language: English

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