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A Guide to the ISO/IEC 42000 Series

Explore the ISO/IEC 42000 artificial intelligence (AI) series.

This guide will help you understand the ISO/IEC 42000 series, which provides a global framework for an AI management system to help organizations benefit from the technology while providing reassurance that systems are being developed and used responsibly.

ISO/IEC 42001 – AI Management System (AIMS)

ISO/IEC 42001 provides a certifiable AIMS framework in which AI systems can be developed and deployed as part of an AI assurance ecosystem.

The global standard specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an AIMS. The goal is to help organizations and society benefit the most from AI while reassuring stakeholders that systems are being developed and used responsibly.

ISO/IEC 42005 – AI System Impact Assessment

ISO/IEC 42005 provides guidance on performing AI system impact assessments for individuals and societies that could be affected by an AI system and its intended and foreseeable applications.

The international standard applies to any organization developing, providing or using AI systems, and outlines how and when to perform such assessments. It also provides guidance on improving AI system impact assessment documentation and how the process can integrate with your AI risk management and management system.

ISO/IEC 42006 – Requirements for Bodies Auditing and Certifying AIMS

ISO/IEC 42006 specifies additional requirements for ISO/IEC 17021-1 (for bodies auditing and certifying management systems). The additions enable accredited and/or peer-assessed certification bodies (CBs) to reliably audit the management systems of organizations developing and/or using AI systems, according to ISO/IEC 42001, and evaluate and decide certification.

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