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Reducing Time in the Label Review Process with AI Technology – an Introduction to SGS Digicomply's LabelWise

Learn how SGS DIGICOMPLY LabelWise can improve your label review process.

The label review process is a laborious activity involving multiple people throughout an organization. The regulatory landscape is complicated and continuously evolving. Internally, product changes brought on by marketing, R&D or management are happening all the time. This all leads to an increasing workload for those involved with reviewing labels often having to do so with limited resources.

This webinar, presented by the SGS DIGICOMPLY Team, focuses on how technology, image recognition and industry knowledge can all be brought together in an alternative manner. By doing so, the business case can be shifted with a lower operating cost. Beyond this, technology can be used and then trained so much of the mundane tasks can be learned with the dedicated experts involved at a later, more important stage in the process.


SGS DIGICOMPLY was designed to process unstructured data in all types. Since then, we have continued to find new ways to use AI to bring benefits to our clients. Our most recent module, LabelWise, has recently been launched to leverage the same technology in a way that can improve the label review process.


  • Introduction to the AI technology being used to improve the labor intense process of label reviews
  • Use Case 1: Perform artwork recognition and validate the label against specific regulatory rules in the United States and Europe
  • Use Case 2: Validate the label elements against an internal document containing the product information. Here we can take the textual specification of the label and see how it compares to the actual artwork
  • Considerations for developing the business case to demonstrate how time and effort can be reduced compared to the manual process
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A


Tye Blazey - Business Development Manager, SGS DIGICOMPLY
Jakub Janostik - Senior Software Engineer, SGS DIGICOMPLY

Session Schedule

7:00 AM - San Francisco (United States)
10:00 AM - New York (United States)
3:00 PM - London (United Kingdom)
4:00 PM - Paris (France)

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