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Vitamins Testing

Vitamin analysis testing from SGS offers food manufacturers and retailers a service that helps verify the presence of the appropriate vitamins.

As a food manufacturer or retailer, you have a responsibility to analyze food products containing naturally occurring vitamins – as well as the processed products fortified with synthetic vitamins. For example, you should test to find out if vitamins such as B and C have been lost during production – or somewhere along the supply chain to the retail outlet – because of heat or UV light. 

Testing in this way helps make sure that your labels are correct – and compliant with their intended market(s) – and that you make or sell the best quality products. Our tests also ascertain whether the vitamins and minerals are at the appropriate levels, as specified by national and international regulations.

The laboratories of SGS are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and overseen by a rigorous quality management system. We test all fat and water-soluble vitamins using up-to-date technology, offering simultaneous analysis of fat-soluble vitamins as well as analyses of water soluble vitamins by various LC (liquid chromatography) techniques.

Our rapid, cost-effective and independent vitamin compliance testing service is ideal when you need to identify certain vitamins – such as vitamin D – that are difficult to test for. We can also save you time and money by performing group tests for other vitamins (e.g. vitamin B).

To take advantage of the expertise of our food nutrition and labeling specialists, and state of the art testing facilities, contact SGS and ask about our vitamin analysis testing service.

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