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Terminal Manning

Terminal operators are increasingly finding that it is no longer economically viable to maintain the level of personnel necessary to cover every operational requirement or eventuality on a 24-hour/365-day basis.

Outsourcing, contracting in, or contracting out are becoming attractive options for optimizing the operational efficiency of their business.

SGS can provide trained manpower for a range of activities ranging from specific marine dock operations to maintenance work, barge management and in-plant operations. We also provide training across a range of terminal operations and offer accredited training for US tankermen.

Our objective is not to place as many billable personnel at the site, but to deliver the most safe, sustainable and efficient long-term solutions. We find that greater efficiencies usually come in the form of doing the same work with fewer people, or by performing additional activities with the same number of people, while ensuring safety and compliance are not compromised at any stage. One key element of our approach is to look at workflow and optimize the available resources, something that is often difficult to do for staff already in place for many years.

Find out more about how terminal manning services from SGS can provide solutions to your manpower needs.

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