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Real time indoor air quality monitoring with our Internet of Things (IOT) solution.

Monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, temperature, pressure, humidity and other contaminants from anywhere in the world.

SGS SmartSense brings the Internet of Things (IOT) to the industrial hygiene industry with cloud-based monitoring and sampling initiation. Direct read capabilities include Total Particulate, PID, CO, CO2, SO2, O3, EtO, CH4 and more. Paired with direct read sensors, active sampling capabilities include silica, VOCs, metals, and more.   

SGS Smart Sense offers you:

  • Continuous monitoring with readings every minute  
  • Interchangeable parameter configuration – unlimited selection of air quality parameters in addition to temperature, humidity and pressure  
  • The ability to integrate SGS SmartSense data into third-party applications with an API data feed  
  • Capture validation samples for accredited lab analysis with the SGS SmartSampler, an integrated sample initiation system  

Why choose SmartSense from SGS?

SmartSense enables you to:

  • Collect exposure data 24/7 for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), wildfires, perimeter and task monitoring, and other monitoring situations
  • Access, analyze, download sensor data anytime, anywhere in the world via any connected device  
  • View device locations on a map and see the latest real-time data feeds via SmartSense LiveView  
  • Customize sensor alarm thresholds for notification via text and email
  • Take autonomous grab samples when paired with the SGS SmartSampler

Why SGS?  

Our state-of-the-art proprietary IoT solutions and extensive experience provide you with the next generation of impartial trusted, verification and certification solutions.

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