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Seed Health

Meet domestic and international compliance requirements by analyzing seed health. Enable regulatory compliance with our comprehensive testing services for seed pathogen identification and seed health monitoring.

Your business success is dependent on the quality and health of your seeds. Our worldwide testing resources help you avoid the significant yield losses that can result from seed-borne viruses, fungal disease and bacteria. Accurately identifying pathogens improves productivity and gives you greater flexibility in production, enabling you to meet national and international standards.

Utilizing the latest technology, our highly skilled staff identify plant diseases through seed sampling, germination, vigor and viability testing. Specific approved methods are employed to identify and quantify individual plant disease and seed health concerns, and establish genetic and physical purity. Other methods include polymerase chain reaction (PCR), enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), culture plate, blotter, visual exams and wash testing.

We can also help you identify which national and international standards may impact your crop product by prescribing rules for seed sale and shipment. Accurate and swift testing will give you the tools to make informed business decisions and helps you gain quick access to markets.

In addition to these core monitoring and testing facilities we also provide field trials and seed export services throughout our global network. Local, convenient and cost-effective, we have the experience to help you meet and exceed all your seed testing needs.

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