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Scanner Complementary Services

Scanner complementary services from SGS – a whole range of services to complement and enhance your scanner services, from audit and certification through to remote analysis.

To enhance our border security services, we offer a range of services to complement your scanner operations, including audits and certifications, risk profiling and management, scanner filters and remote analysis.

The SGS Certification Mark

With safety requirements and quality expectations rising every day, you need to show that your equipment conforms to international standards. Our worldwide offices and accredited laboratories can give you the assurance you need by auditing and certifying your equipment to make sure that it conforms.

We offer you a complete range of certification services across a wide range of markets and geographies. Our SGS certification marks are recognized worldwide as evidence of compliance with international guidelines, quality and confidence. They are a visible sign of consistent production and performance, quality and independent control by a reputable certification body. 

The SGS Certification mark includes:

  • Scanner performance certification: evaluating and certifying the specifications of your equipment based on a series of pre-defined tests
  • Radiation safety certificate: certification of your equipment’s conformity based on ICRP recommendations, IAEA guidelines, EU directives and US standards

Our offices and laboratories worldwide make it possible for us to offer you a range of other industry testing and certification marks based on local or international standards, such as ISO, CSA, IEC, IP, Code and CE.

Contact us to find out more about how our scanner audits and certifications can help you to keep your equipment at optimum standard.

Risk Profiling

Making decisions about whether cargo is subject to scanning, physical examination, scanning or ‘green lane’ clearance can cause significant shipment delays. Our SGS specialist software tool, SGS Profiler®,can help you to make those decisions safely, in seconds.

SGS Profiler is a fully automated tool that analyzes transactional data at high speed. Using risk information about trade entities (local and international), goods, sources of supply and modes of transport, SGS Profiler matches cargo details with risk values to produce an automated risk assessment and instructions for appropriate intervention. This information enables your port team to make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with a non-intrusive inspection or to investigate further.  

Contact us to find out how SGS Profiler can enhance your scanner services.

Scanner Filter

Not all scanners offer the same levels of performance. If the density of cargo is above or below the penetration power of your scanner, the scanned images will be poor.

Responding to our client needs, our SGS team has developed a scanner filter that calculates precisely which shipments are suitable for your scanner, by matching the density of different types of cargo with the installed capacity of the scanner. 

Contact us to find out how you can install and use an SGS scanner filter in your services operation.

Remote Analysis

Combining the latest inspection and communication technologies, we have developed a service which enables governments, customs organizations and national authorities to remotely view radioscopic images of goods and containers generated in scanning facilities.

Find out how remote analysis can improve your procedures at destination and reinforce security.

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