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Sampling and Monitoring Equipment Rental

Sampling and monitoring equipment available for rent from SGS, with valued-added benefits.

As environmental, health and safety professionals, you may need to access sampling and monitoring equipment for your projects. SGS can support with a network of equipment rental centers in North America. This service will be soon offered in the rest of the world.

To support your efforts to monitor air contamination, assess the impact of industrial activity on the environment, and protect workers against work related hazards, we offer a range of equipment for passive air quality monitoring and active air quality monitoring methods. Our rental services offer real-time rental fees, software, training and technical support.

Choose from a broad range of monitoring equipment including:

  • Air sampling pumps/accessories
  • Air velocity
  • Ambient air analyzer
  • Detector tube pumps
  • Dust/particulate
  • EMF/RF/microwave
  • FID/PID/handheld PID
  • Gas monitors
  • Heat stress
  • Indoor air quality
  • Light
  • Mercury meter
  • Noise/sound/hearing
  • Remote visual inspection
  • Respirator fit test
  • Temperature/humidity/moisture
  • Ergonomics/vibration

Why choose SGS?

Choosing our expertise has numerous advantages:

  • Real-time rental fees – no transit charges, you only pay for the days that you have the equipment
  • Free return shipping – in the US and Canada via UPS
  • Availability guarantee – we guarantee your order will be available to you when you need it
  • Free software licenses – included with all rentals
  • Free training – available at no extra charge
  • Free technical support – 24/7/365

To find out more about renting SGS sampling and monitoring equipment, contact your local SGS office. This service is currently only available in North America.

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