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Safety Data Sheet Classification and Labeling

Safety data sheet management by SGS complies with REACH and CLP.

Safety data sheets have become the main tool for communicating information about chemicals throughout the supply chain since the introduction of REACH Regulation 1907/2006/EC. They need to include the new hazard classification criteria and labeling elements, which are required under the European Commission under the Classification, Labeling and Packaging Regulation 1272/2008/EC (CLP).

Both the content and management of safety data sheets (SDS) need to fully comply with European legislation if producers, importers and formulators want to continue successfully commercializing their products in Europe.

Why SGS?

At SGS, our safety data sheet services monitor all changes to the safety data sheet and we are ready to help you comply with all the challenges of REACH and CLP implementation and compliance. Our specialists have built up unique expertise in SDS over 15 years and are supported by dedicated software systems and comprehensive databases. These are in turn underpinned by up-to-the-minute market intelligence obtained through European Commission work groups, industrial federations and national authorities.

Find out more about how SGS can help you achieve full compliance on safety data sheets, classification and labeling.

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