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REACH is a European Union Regulation concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals.

It applies to all chemicals – not only those used in industrial processes but also those found in products which we use in our daily lives, such as cleaning products and paints, or in articles such as clothes, furniture and electrical appliances.

Since REACH is applicable not only to chemical substances and mixtures, but also includes certain provisions applicable to articles, it is important for consumer product manufacturers and importers to understand their roles and responsibilities within the REACH framework. Substance restriction, authorization, and notification are important factors for an article that will be placed on the common European market. Also, the industry must deal with challenges presented by communication on SVHC within the supply chain and to consumers.

SGS offers a comprehensive suite of services to help our customers comply with their obligations under REACH, from initial REACH registration to consulting, testing, auditing and verification services to support ongoing compliance.

REACH places responsibility on industry to manage the risks that chemicals, or consumer articles, may pose to public health and to the environment. Most REACH requirements apply directly to manufacturers and importers, who must register substances (either pure, or those classified as mixtures) by supplying data on the properties of their chemicals. They are also obliged under REACH to develop chemical safety assessments and implement risk management measures. REACH requires manufacturers and importers to notify the European regulatory authorities about the use of hazardous substances. REACH may then put these substances under authorization.

REACH requires downstream users to ensure that their customers (for example, other industrial enterprises and consumers) have the information they need to be able to use their products safely. Distributors are obliged to ensure that all relevant substance safety information is provided with the mixtures and articles that they sell and that there are no restricted substances in the products that they sell.

Additionally, the REACH framework may affect consumer products with regard to substance authorization according to Annex XIV or restriction according to Annex XVII, as well as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) notification according to Article 7, or declaration according to Article 33. Manufacturers and importers must be aware of the fact that the REACH standards are subject to constant change and closely follow the latest requirements. 

Through our global network of laboratories and highly trained specialists, SGS offers a one-stop-shop for services to ensure that your production and distribution systems support your compliance with REACH legislation.

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