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PPE – Protective Gloves

Protective glove testing from SGS – demonstrate personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance with EN 420 and EN 388.

To sell gloves as Category II PPE, to protect against mechanical risks, they must meet the EN 388 and EN 420 standards. Manufacturers, or their authorized representatives, in the European Community must also submit technical documentation, including product samples for testing, to a Notified Body for EU type examination under the EU’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation, 2016/424.

SGS’s PPE solutions provide one stop testing and certification services for protective gloves against mechanical risks.

Benefits of SGS’s Protective Glove Services

  • Network of testing laboratories for performing protective glove testing according to EN 420 and EN 388
  • Assistance in compiling technical files
  • Coordinate with Notified Bodies for application of EU Type Examination

In addition, SGS has two Notified Bodies approved to provide certification for EU type examination:

  • SGS Fimko – Notified Body (0598)
  • SGS United Kingdom Limited – Notified Body (0120)

Ensure the safety of workers – contact SGS today to ensure PPE products are safe and compliant.

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