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Mining Safety Training

Mining safety training from SGS – ensure your staff have the skills and knowledge to help you meet your mining safety obligations.

In the mining industry, all aspects of site, staff, process, manufacturing and workplace safety are subject to strict standards. To help you meet your regulatory obligations, reduce risks and ensure safety your people must acquire the relevant training and be qualified to appropriate levels. Our mining safety training provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to ensure effective safety management for your mine.

Why choose mining safety training from SGS?

Our training can help you:

  • Understand mining safety requirements
  • Identify your occupational health and safety (OHS) obligations
  • Ensure your staff are sufficiently trained in mining safety
  • Comply with the relevant standards
  • Improve safety and risk management

Trusted Mining Safety Training From a Leading Course Provider

As the world’s foremost certification, verification, inspection and testing organization, we offer in-depth knowledge in all aspects of mining safety – both in theory and practice.

To discuss your mining safety requirements, contact us today.

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